December 17, 2009

My capacity of fitness bemusement

My little work route. Items of note it is around 1.65 miles two times a day (I come home for lunch). I live on a hill and have a hill between me and work. So I go from an elevation of 607 feet down to 472 above sea level. Back up again then down one way. Yes, I walk uphill both coming and going, and sometimes in the snow (very rare).

I will walk sometimes, I will run sometimes. Most days it is a mix depending upon whim. Earlier this week I had mentally noted a starting and ending running point. Then my mind wandered and I realized I had run quite a distance past were I was going to stop. This is a very odd sensation for me. Not being compelled to stop by various breathing, aches, pains whatever.

Which, gave my ever reflective brain a good deal to ponder. My kids hate running, jogging, walking distances etc. My wife has bad knees, and even without such probably would not be a runner. I am finding that the more I build up endurance the more I appreciate running.

Walking just seems so slow.

While it is difficult to say I enjoy running. There is one kind of running that I am quite chuffed about. Running uphill. Oddly enough, I find the hills between me and either the office or home to be a fun ascent. So much so I find myself almost sprinting.

So why running uphill? Could it be that it was the slower portion of the walk, and now it is the quicker? Not sure but it does give me a thrill.

Not having a feeling like your lungs are going to burst forth from your mouth is a definite bonus. There was a time, not to long ago that walking briskly up the hill would have me breathing quite heavy for a good chunk of the walk.

The back of my mind has a desire to run a marathon. That was something laughable not so long ago.


flyingvan said...

I'll do it if you'll do it

keeka said...

I won't but more power to you guys!
I used to be able to sprint pretty well, but both Tina and I are lousy long distance runners, we are definitely walkers! : )

Daniel said...

If I could make time to train, I'd be in.

Daniel said...