December 06, 2009

Feast of St. Nicklaus (Connor style)

Tina and I have adopted many of Tina's German traditions for Christmas. One of the funnest is putting your boots out on the night of Dec 5th, and getting goodies the next morning. Somehow the few years I have put a boot out, I got nothing. I guess St. Nick was afeared of the goodies acquirement of certain smells?

So amidst thecooking and baking of this particular Saturday, after Connor's Saturday night bath, with his preparing for bed, he brought his boot out. There was a bit of confusion on his part, but he has done this in the past. So when the remembrance hit he suddenly decided to write a note.

"Get the paper and pencil!" he was quite excited and insistant. Curious as to were this was heading I gathered the requested items and handed it over.

Connor began to write in ernest; "Dear Santa Claus. Would you put the candy on the boot. Connor"

Next, I was instructed to get a bottle and a rubber band. The note was then rolled up and put in the bottle with the rubber band holding it in a small scroll. Then Connor put the message bottle outside prominently on the plant stand, this will obviously attract the attention of St. Nick, whom now properly instructed, can leave the goodies in the correct location. Thereby relieving any confusion. This particular method of message delivery is a new twist on an old Police song. Or possibly a Sponge Bob episode (thank goodness he did not insist on firing it from a Cannon)

Oh, Nick left a note thanking Connor.

The next morning Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap were rustled out of bed to the delighted squeals. Prior to looking in the boots, we did have to pause and look out the window, this is very important. Please, do NOT forget to look out the window with your kids today...


keeka said...

That is so funny. Cole wrote St. Nick a note too! A little different, you can read all about it in my blog! I make reference to your blog since I read yours first before posting mine. : D

Re-Navy!! said...

aaahh!! Connor is remembering a lot these days! Thats great! Hope he still remembers me! I am going to be looking a lot different though with my big belly! Cant wait to see you guys!