December 16, 2009

The choosing of the gifts.

Personally I have never understood the point of grabbing something generic to give as a gift, yet I have succumbed time and time again. In the course of my gift giving over the years I have given the bizarre and the sublime.

There is a great emotional rush when you get the right gift for the right person. It would be nice if that was much easier to select. Some kind of oracle of gifts that has a high degree of accuracy.

I have been told that I am difficult to buy gifts for, because there is a lack of things that I want. Does that puts me in the "pass-him-a-fruitcake" position? The best gifts are something someone can use. The worst gifts are something you end up getting back as a later gift.

At one point in my married life I foolishly chastised my, much wiser, wife because she had created a list of things she would have a use for, if given as gifts. Now I am left begging a list and constantly self reminded of what an ass I am for not seeing the simple beauty of said list.

I oft ponder the why's that are the ways of menfolk.

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Tina said...

If its any consolation, that list would be obsolete now.

Trevor is the hard one now. He'd love a subscription to WoW, but that's the LAST thing we'd ever give him!