December 22, 2009


In the quieter moments, my gray matter regurgitates some odd memory. Sometimes it is an old toy or an adventure. There are times it is a friend or a slice of time and space. Every so often it is a situation I wish I could have redone, and said something smarter or more appropriate.

Underlining most of the past situations, is a sense that by a small change a would have fixed that moment.

I am given to understand that it is a man thing to want to fix things. To solve problems and to seek some kind of full functioning nirvana.


keeka said...

I know what you mean Lee, at least about the odd memories popping up now and again. Mine are usually prompted by music even though I consider myself to be more of a visual person. An old song will remind me of a person, a place or something I did. They usually include Tina, because we were best friends growing up. I am glad to say that if and when another one of those memories comes up I will be able to call her and say, "Hey do you remember...?" Since calling you all is now free! : )

flyingvan said...

I get that, too---on rare occasions I have days when past failures seem to crowd my thoughts---people I wronged, mostly. But, I sure like where I am now so I must have made lots of the right mistakes. For instance, I really could have done better in school, but I ended up with my dream job which didn't require much book learnin'.

Tina said...

I have an acute sense of smell. A whiff of something (good) will often spark a memory.

If I get the Aussie shampoo, it reminds me of my post college trip to Europe, since we brought a huge Price Club sized bottle with us.