December 08, 2009

No Divorce for you!

I caught this AP release: Movement under way in California to ban divorce

It is a stunt centered around the audacity of those "unenlightened" of us who feel marriage is something that should be preserved. My first reaction was a small chuckle and a pang of appreciation for the cleverness of the protest. Then I started pondering the implications of such a ban.

Personally, it would be a non-issue. I have a Till-Death arrangement. However it would change the current statistic for divorce rates in America. First marriage divorce is 41%, second marriage 60%, third marriage 73%. It would certainly make marriage less likely overall, which may be a good thing given the current climate. The courts and lawyer time would be freed up from divorce proceedings.

Would it be a good thing, bad thing or just swap various good and bad? Personally I think that getting married is much too easy. The concept that getting married is proof of love and devotion makes anyone who has been married for a significant length of time burst with laughter.

Trust me when I say that marriage requires much more then feelings of love to have any degree of success. Among my many ideas that would make the world even more perfect is the legally required pre-nuptial agreement. A pre-marriage divorce settlement that would really open the eyes of those not ready to be fiscally intertwined. Hardly romantic...

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Tina said...

It could be part of the Engaged Encounter weekend - pre-nups & what your divorce will look like...

I really hope those couples that couldn't make it thru the weekend never got married... If you can't even take a weekend to go in with your eyes open..