December 17, 2009

Thoughts about a 2000 year old thought.

The Myth of the Brilliant Amateur Outsider is customarily rejected by our culture when it comes to the sciences:
and eagerly and credulously believed by our culture when it comes to philosophy and theology. So, as a general rule, we don't just drop everything and say, "Wow! Centuries of science are overturned by some guy with a website who claims to have proven geocentrism, or young earth creationism!"

But the world swarms with people who seriously believe that the Catholic Church has never given any thought at all to questions like "How could Mary be sinless in light of Romans 3:23?" or "Trinitarianism is strange and mysterious. Why believe it?" or "But the Eucharist tastes just like bread and wine. How could anybody think it is the Body and Blood of Christ?" The fetching naive innocence of those who imagine they have dared to ask the Hard Questions The Church is Afraid to Face is charming

Thanks to Mark P. Shea

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flyingvan said...

The thing I struggle with is, that there is something available to us now since Christ's resurrection that wasn't available under the old law, B.C.