December 14, 2009

It's the most wonderful time...

We have been having yearly open house Christmas Parties for quite some time. It is quite the undertaking and takes a good week or more of preparation. We clean, sort and organize. Get small things done. Eliminate other tasks. Tempers get short and finally the day arrives and we all play host and have a good time.

As fate would have it, I needed to do some emergency plumbing in freezing weather this time around. This ended up tweaking my back, which made the rest of the chores problematic.

The guests are always the most interesting part. As people drop in we throw about introductions and things become a whirlwind. Donna and Jim were able to coordinate bringing my Mom and Pop up from Central Point. I always make sure we have the good coffee on tap for them. My neighbor who was also my High School choir teacher and his lovely wife made an appearance. With many neighbors and friends.

We stuck with some usual party fare, Potato chips and onion dip, Veggie's and Ranch. Tina made her Stollen and some German cookies that were amazingly good! We found some JalapeƱo jelly and served that over cream cheese as a cracker spread. Spinach dip and Cranberry salsa rounded out the offerings. We have lots left over, making me think we over purchased.


keeka said...

I would ask you where my stollen is but your loverly wife is the one I should be asking. I have such the hankerin' for that yummy almond stollen!

I sent off a small package for you and Tina this morning...tell Tina not to forget the gifties from me to your kids! I bought the ones for Kaleigh and Cole from your family : ) I actually combined yours and Connies family to get the kids a Wii game, My Sims Agents. They will be thrilled!

Tina said...

Cool! I boxed up Mami & Connie's package, but the box for your stollen was way too big - I tried to find a smaller box but didn't manage it.

It's coming soon, I promise!!