December 05, 2009

Have a Blessed Advent!

Enjoy this posting from The Curt Jester! (Warning, Pro-Catholic Zone)

I really admire those who buy a Christmas Tree just before Christmas and keep it up to the Feast of the Epiphany. Those who will not listen to any Christmas carols during Advent. Those that will say have a Blessed Advent instead of Merry Christmas during the season of Advent.

But I am weak, weak I tell you. This weekend I put up my Advent Tree. Yes that is what I am calling it and just because the exact same tree will also mysteriously become my Christmas Tree I am sticking to this story. It's an Advent Tree so don't annoy me about not being fully traditional and it will not come down till after Christmatide.

Though the Nativity set will not have the Baby Jesus in it till Christmas - there are some lines I won't cross. Plus I do wish people a Blessed Advent even with the strange looks. Though more and more Protestants are starting to see the purpose of liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

Plus so far I have avoided firing up my Christmas playlist in iTunes. Though I almost succumb to temptation and singing along with actual Carols played in stores. With the Christmas wars upon us once again and so many stores going out of their way to avoid the C word you have to wonder why they think Christmas Music won't offend people? Where are the Kwanzaa sing-a-alongs, Solstice Songs, and bows to atheism like John Lennon's "Imagine"? Plus here in Florida shouldn't we be upset by secular songs like White Christmas and other geographically oppressive songs talking about colder climes? After all a multi-cultural society teaches you that all other cultures but those anointed by secular elites are to be neither seen or heard. We have a culture with so much tolerance that atheist and others spend all their time banning nativities and other mentions of Christmas. Well I might have an Advent Tree, but I sure as hell don't have no "Holiday Tree."

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