March 20, 2010

And you go camping.

Connor got really excited about spring break. He wants to go camping.

So we booked a Yurt at a nearby campground. Not very expensive and close enough to home in case his idea of camping and the reality of camping collide. Not that I think that will happen. We have had situations in the past where a good exit plan is required.

Autism builds rituals which can become tradition in short order. When we celebrate advent, we have the candles and readings followed by holiday songs. Connor has assigned us which song we are to sing. The elder two are not happy about the song choices thrust upon them. However, when pressed for an alternative, they cannot think of any. So they acquiesce to the request.

Last week he started making our summer vacation plans. We have a tentative Canada trip planned to see Omi, Aunt Connie and the cousins. Along with other sorted outings. Although, in Connors mind an important part is making sure we drive North and stop at a motel with a swimming pool.


keeka said...

My kids are really excited about leaving before daylight. That is their most desired wish! Doesn't take much, does it?

: )

Tina said...

Hey - that's what makes it a good trip. Leaving in the dark & getting breakfast 2 hours into the drive :)