March 05, 2010

Comic book Originals

Superman is arguably the most known comic book superhero. The iconic S and red cape has been around since that fateful day in 1938 by Siegel and Shuster.

Not really... You see they took their creation from Philip Wylie's pulp novel Gladiator. In that book our Hugo Danner had super strength, bullet proof skin and was able to leap tall buildings. He lived in a small farming community and pretended to be mild mannered to hide his secret identity and protect those loved ones.

DC Comics also has the Green Lantern which was a Creative Re-imagining of E.E. Smiths The Lensemen. Also, The Batman who's lineage is from Johnston McCulley's Zorro.

Not to say that DC comics has the lock on plagiarized characters. Marevel Comics X-men took from DC Comics The Doom Patrol quite a lot.

Also, Disney's Lion King has more then a passing resemblance to Kimba the White Lion.

Does it really matter? No, but I would say the source material deserves it's place in the sun.


keeka said...

"Who lives in the deepest darkest Africa (Africa)?
Kimba the white lion is his name!
Didn't really see the coinkydink until I watched Kimba again with the kidlets!
Found a DVD at the 99cent store of all places!

flyingvan said...

Maybe the characters...but the plotline is lifted quite blatantly from Shakespeare's 'King Lear'.

Tina said...

So who is Spider-Man based on? He's my fav :)

At least Thor gets credit for being a Norse god.

Lee said...

The Stan Lee created characters had much more originality. Spider-Man was inspired by a Pulp series The Spider by R.T.M Scott published in the 1930's other then the name there is not much similar. Stan Lee also credits a spider he observed as well.