March 11, 2010

Loosing my income (again)

It would be quite easy to wallow in a woe is me fashion. I have not had the best of runs with employment. Either by choice or by budget I continually spiral downwards.

I guess the key would be to view this as an opportunity...

My position went from full time to 34 hours a week last year. This year it is being cut to 20 hours a week. Which is just enough to put our tight budget underwater. There was a good chance this position would allow for a jump to a better one at the county.

All that has changed with the economy tanking. We have 14.0% unemployment (with a real closer to 20%, depending on which expert guess you take).

I figure I can either take the 20 hour work week and try to find part time employment elsewhere. Or I can accept a layoff and look for work, possibly take a class or two with all the grants out there. Or just stop making house payments and live for free while we go into foreclosure then move someplace else and start over.

Not to wallow in self pity or anything.


shoo said...

Dang Lee, that sucks. I would see about a part time job. Heck, a Home Depot or some such might pay enough to make ends meet if you get enough hours.

shoo said...

How independent IT support around there? I have a contractor who manages my IT around here, so when people have problems with viruses, email, etc, they call him instead of me. He use LogMeIn to remotely manage all the computers here, and drops in on-site as necessary.

Just wondering if maybe there would be an opportunity for you to do similar in your area: provide IT support to companies who need it but are too small for a full time person.