March 27, 2010

Quiz about Health Care Law.

Which of the following statements is true about Government run health care?

  • It is financially unsustainable, increasing the deficit beyond our national means.
  • It is unconstitutional and will be overturned in the courts.
  • A Republican majority in the next Congress will repeal it.
  • It will fail in the Legislative process because of procedural manipulation by the Democrat leadership.
  • Doctors will refuse service to patients seeking subsidized, under market care.
  • It will cause health insurance premiums to become so expensive that the entire system to collapse.


Tina said...

I'm gonna say "All of the above."

Oso said...

I'm gonna say "none of the above" since we don't have govt run health care.

Lee said...

Split them hairs oso.

Government required, regulated, subsidized, cost controlled, IRS enforced...

But no, the Government is not running it at all...?