March 25, 2010

Frustration Man Cometh

We are living in interesting times.

/rant on.
The socialism rampant in our Government is of great concern. As is the lack of representation. There is a serious lack of jobs and my current situation of being reduced in hours and still paying the bills .vs. going on the dole and being able to better support my household is not my ideal of America.

My office is permeated with the air of hopelessness. This seeps out of the various media outlets as well Doom is in the air with the spring.

There is a prayer to let go of those things out of our control. It is just difficult to not feel angst right now. My faith is resolute, the human in me looses that focus and some despair invades.

There are things to do. Family, House, Yard, Job hunting, Weight and Fitness. The fiscal side of things makes marked limits on house and yard and generates more stress then I would like.

Job market around here is horrid. The only thing worse is the housing market (it is a buyers market if you do not need employment).

Weight and Fitness requires more focus then I am willing to provide as well. Kids schooling provides some vicarious joys and sorrow. Overall there is a depressing feeling of just being tired.

/rant off

There are plenty of those much worse off, so even my rant falls flat by comparison. I have two upstanding citizen adult kids. A good supportive family all of whom reflect virtuous values. There is my angelic 12 year old who is joy incarnate. And my loving wife who provides me strength and fortitude. My blessings are vast.

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keeka said...

I understand how you feel. I am in a circular mode of anger at my work environment right now. I then let it go... it comes back. I fume...then I let it go comes back to give me a headache and a slow moving stomach ache. I try harder to let it go. I think (and pray) that it is finally gone. The only thing that helps is knowing that I have so many blessings that I am a fool to worry about one instance at work. I am human and it gets me down, but decidedly not out.