March 12, 2010

In case you forgot, They are elected to Represent!

If you are a Citizen of the United States and of Voting age, please contact your representative and tell them how you feel about the Health Care Bill issue going around Congress.

There is some very ethically challenged things going on, today, to get thwart the will of the people. President Obama, Pelosi and Reid are unable to get the votes needed and are resulting in questionable rule violations.

The Senate Parliamentarian came out with a ruling that Thursday that stopped one of the "creative solutions" to getting a bill passed when you do not have the votes.

It boils down to this. Healthcare costs keep going up. More government will not make costs go down (check out Medicare for out of control). The Republican solutions are to include individuals in the tax breaks that companies get when they purchase insurance. Reform Tort law to stop the revolving door of lawyers trying for a quick buck. Drop barriers so you can purchase healthcare from any state. Set up a high risk pool for existing conditions.

The constitution of the United States puts limits on what Government should do, we need our Representatives to look to that document for guidance.


the WIZARD, fkap said...

Well said. I am stunned that the opinions of the people don't seem to matter to a majority of our elected representatives.

Lee said...

Actually, I believe the opinions of people are exactly what is bogging this down.

Tina said...

Yes, but the "people" should be their constituents, not the ones who have their ears in Washington.