March 31, 2010

Connor's Early Morning.

I guess this is not all that amusing. Until you take into account Connors Autism. When he responds to a situation it can take you off guard.

He again lost a tooth handed it to mom with strict instructions to throw it away, because that "tooth is trouble". This kid does NOT want some fairy with money visiting him! No-siree bob!

I have the duty of rousting him from a nights sleep. This generally occurs around 7:15 AM Pacific Time (GMT -08:00). The response given will run the gambit from nothing to a near leaping from his upper bunk!

This morning was an example of the former. "Good Morning Connor! It is Wednesday and Time to get ready for school!" Instead of the disheveled squinting, labored mobilization to a sitting position, instead a verbal response was issued.


Which gave me a chuckle, in all empathy!"

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