March 02, 2010

More Man Made Climate Anthropomorphic Warming Globes... huh?

This is just embarrassing to read. Al Gore has driven off the cliff of sanity with this rambling incoherent Op Ed Piece. Although, there are others who believe the fear mongering to the point they killed themselves and attempted to kill their baby. There are some deranged wacko's out there, thank the lord who must have protected this child.

Seriously Mr. Gore, there must be better ways to make money off of your cultist zealots...

The fraud of the IPCC is finally being investigated! As the emerging 2007 data "errors" are FUNDAMENTAL, not incidental. (errors... yeah, right, welcome to political science)

Oddball little article from the 1989 NYT someone dug up. US Data Since 1895 Fail to Show Warming Trend! President Obama himself tells us we cannot Control Nature... Unless the "Democrat Messiah" is writing the cap and trade legislation? WTH?

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