March 06, 2010

Hollywood Comicon

A fan of the Comic Book Genre has an interesting take on Films. We want films and TV to be faithful to our comics, yet, we dread any time we hear a film or TV show being made about our comics. Take any comic book based film you like, go to your local comic book shop and ask the patron what they thought.

Chances are you will not get a rave review. (Possibly Sin City being the exception).

On some of the Comic Based films out there.

Mystery Men: Fun film. Comic is so off kilter it does not matter.

Hulk (Ang Lee): Boring film with some cool action sequences. Far removed from the comic.

V for Vendetta: Good film, unless you read the book then it becomes a shadow of what could have been.

300: Great film for what it is. A decent parallel to the graphic novel.

Road to Perdition: It is a great film but nothing like the equally great comic.

Blade: Ugh, if it was not linked to blade a comic book person would figure it was loosely based on Blade. Its just an over the top action series.

Ghost World: Another good film. Good comic as well. A decent parallel

Hell Boy: Great escapist fun. Gets the character pretty well.

Batman: Depends on which one you mean, these are all over the map. None of the films are as good as the comic character.

Superman: The movies and TV shows all fall way short.

X-men: Movie II was good. You can pick this apart as a comic book fan pretty easy. At least they made the Toad better then the comic.

Spider man: Good first film, even if they did mess up quite a lot. The subsequent two films quickly went down hill.

A History of Violence: Okay film Starts out rock solid, then drifts away from the comic and frankly goes south.

Dare Devil: The movie was pretty bad, If you get the DVD (Directors cut) it is much better.

Ghost Rider: The movie was pretty good and faithful. Then again the comic book character was pretty thinly veiled Evel Knievel knock off.

The Crow: Complete divergence from the book, Sad because of Brandon Lee dying.


Tina said...

Didn't they make an Electra? With Jennifer Garner?

And I thought Nick Fury/Shield - or did that go straight to video?

Lee said...

They made lots more comic book films. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Iron Man etc.

Nick Fury was announced but has not even begun pre-production.

Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers are in various stages.