March 28, 2010

Bike riding

The only way to get better at an activity is to do said activity. Profound eh?

I read someplace that putting in 10,000 hours makes you an expert. While I am not really sure about expert, assuming the quality of the time you would certainly be much better. There may be oblique proof in my roller skating. I certainly put in the hours. I can certainly skate well now.

So with my statistical sampling of one goes, it is factual!

Connor has made great strides in riding his bike. He still has lots of control issues. Things like riding straight, starting from a stop, needs more time. His confidence has nearly outpaced his ability.

While camping he found great joy in heading down the boat ramp and seeing how close to the water he could stop. Mom got palpitations watching that one. He has enthusiasm galore and the ability to crash, recover and get back on the bike. I mean bad bruise raising incidents. Nary a tear as well. Just him grimacing and saying ow until the pain subsides and getting back on board.

It is oddly inspiring and a source of pride seeing this. His mind really is remarkable, as he is a remarkable kid.

Today we were going to go the the park and ride to Wendy's. The rain started and I decided going up the street for a root beer would allow us to get to cover easier then the park. We headed down our road (pretty good incline downwards). Connor was very happy with his using the break to not careen out of control into traffic (I was trepidation personified). At the bottom he followed my verbal instructions to the letter, going on the sidewalk and pulling to the right for pedestrians.

Whom Connor talked to with a friendly "Good Afternoon!" The bridge near our house has a very narrow sidewalk. Connor was not able to pedal across. So we walk\rode it across to were there is no sidewalk. I pointed out how he is to ride on the dirt and he complied. We visited the market and got some soda's. Rode to his old elementary school (via a foot bridge). Drank our beverages and headed out into the nature trails.

Connor had a route already planned, allowing him to see various features, which we dutifully stopped and explored. As Oregon weather complied by not dumping rain on us, it was a fun outing. I figure he has 99,990 hours to go...

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