March 19, 2010

We want, we need, we desire

'The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it'. ~~Ronald Reagan

While our representatives ignore the massive outpouring of constituents screaming at the top of their lungs to stop Obamacare at the shredding of the constitution of the United States. I am reminded of the human nature lessons I learned on the phone doing Sales for Dell Computers.

People like lots of stuff until they see the price tag.

While at Dell the training started with qualifying the customer. That means finding out if they could pay and how much they could pay. Just a quick note: salespeople are not your friend, they are friendly as a means to an end. I would find people who claim to have no budget are going to say "thats too expensive." This is true of citizens .vs. government.

Do we want excellent healthcare? yes. Do we want safe food? yes. Do we want everyone to have a job? yes. Do we want the homeless to have have shelter, be fed and made into productive citizens? yes. Do we want our elderly taken care of? yes.

Do we want to pay for all of the above? That all depends.

Big government does not work. It has never worked, it will never worked. I recently had a discussion about the end of the USA. 100 years was the discussed figure. To me that depends on the healthcare vote. 100 years could be optimistic.


flyingvan said...

We're going to break up into little factions like the USSR did. Look at the 37 states planning on suing over Obamacare. This isn't healthcare overhaul, it's health insurance overhaul. That is best left to the states and the Federal Government has no authority in this matter, except in the sense of interstate commerce---something they actually could legally do with a positive impact (make insurance plans portable across state lines)

Tina said...

Ever heard of the "State of Jefferson"? That's a movement here that ebbs & flows a bit - it's picking up speed again now.

It's the southern part of Oregon & the northern part of California seceding from their own states to become a new one. It ticks people off in these areas that the big cities in their states get to decide what happens for the entire state.

The Oregon border would be south of Eugene. I'm not sure where the California border would be.

The Obamacare issue would be one of those things they would sue against in Jefferson :)