March 04, 2010

A conversation with former atheist blogger

While I see and hear this all the time. I rarely see it documented so well.

Actual Hope and Change, not just lip service.


shoo said...

Great to see this sort of thing. For my amusement, I read through the comments after he posted is conversion. Funny to see the pure vitriol from the various athiests.

There are basically two kinds of athiests: those that are athiest because the don't believe in God, and those who are athiest in order to ridicule religious people and pompously assert their own intellectual superiority. As one said "...throughout the span of human history, only athiests have actually done any thinking." Wow, such stunning ignorance and arrogance! Ignoring the many deeply inciteful religious writers of the world, had the writer ever heard of Einstein, Darwin, Newton? All religous men. In fact, by far the vast majority of great scientists were religious.

Lee said...

Shoo, I did that too. To be fair there was a positive comment of congratulation from an Atheist as well.

Truly interesting was the seeming dismissal of any previous relevance.

Saying Your wrong now so anything previous is now suspect.